Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ring Haiku

We usually write a haiku in three lines - one line is a fragment, the other two flow together as a phrase. Sometimes it happens that there can be two combinations with line 2 as a pivot.

But what happens if a haiku gives you more options to divide the words in it into phrase and fragment? Then it is better to write it in a line, so the readers themselves can discern the different combinations. Even some oneliners can be arranged in the shape of a ring, so you can start reading it from any word you like.

Here is one:


  1. To agree, Maya.
    __That which I learned of haiku/senryu in the past... the definitive content
    and direction of each... I will continue to hold my mindset, my opinions of haiku/senryu, and their historic differances. Others can change and alter historic requirements if they will, but within my lack of intellect, I will not. Language differances than impinge on -sound counting- I believe -are- necessary changes to their form, that 5/7/5 format.
    __Oooops, sorry to bore you. I'll visit again and be much less opinionated. Smiles_! _m

  2. Hi, Magyar, we, people, are different and that's a good thing, isn't it :)

    Shoshin (初心) - a beginner's mind

    i think it's a good idea to start from the beginning every few months and that's what i try to do